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Poonam Kapur Healthy Tiffin’s have created its own name in the market by delivering healthy food which gives an accomplishment to your taste buds.Poonam Kapur Healthy Tiffin’s have created a buzz for all those who stays away from their family but loves “Ghar ka khana”.It is a platform for all those who aim to connect the healthy tiffin services in Mumbai for anyone who loves to have a healthy meal just like home.If you have doubts about the hygiene of the food then don't stress over it because your well-being is the foremost concern for us. With an extensive range of food, you can choose veg and non-veg according to your decision. Who said a healthy meal is boring? But when it comes to stay healthy we all look out for some mouthwatering healthy food because it’s not a matter of short-term diet, but it’s for a long-term well being.“Don’t have time to cook???? Or confused what to cook??? Then this is the right place, just order a meal to pamper your taste bud.”If you are searching for some heavenly dishes which can make you feel pleased so give a chance to serve you.Why Poonam Healthy Tiffin’s? “Health”,”Hygiene “, and” Homemade food “are the three basic mantra’s which we follow to make our customers happy.We present our meals in a way that it appears amusing and you will surely enjoy every bit of our meals.


An initiative started by Poonam Kapur who is a well-known food Technologist and Nutritionist who aims to bring fresh and Healthy food at your doorstep and adheres the importance of food for our body.She believes in “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”, as the name started with therapeutic juices known as "Juices For Life" leaving the lucrative corporate career. After spending a decade in a lucrative corporate career she chose a dream of doing something which was close to her heart.A lot of surveys have been conducted by her to prove whatever you eat; it leaves effect to your physical and mental health. One of the surveys conducted by her with the school students to see the effects of different food items on the behavior of the students.The outcome showed that the students who choose junk food were more violent, obstinate and aggressive; however the students who choose healthy food were more balanced and peaceful in nature.